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Organic Ekta Golden Emperor Oolong Tea

Organic Ekta Golden Emperor Oolong Tea

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Organic Ekta Golden Oolong Tea is a must for every tea lover. It is a blend of the finest parts of the tea plants - the leaves, stems, and buds. All these parts have been harvested from the mineral springs of the tea garden, which is located in the heart of the Darjeeling teashop. This tea has a sweet, spicy, and smooth taste that is hard to resist. In fact, it is so good that it makes you want to have another cup right away.

This organic oolong tea has a refreshing taste that is both sweet and spicy. It is an instant mood lifter and can help you get rid of tiredness. This tea comes in a variety of flavors, including green and black, which gives it a more complex taste.

It is an excellent choice for those who love to have a cup of tea whenever they want. The way these teas have been grown makes the taste of this tea more authentic. This tea is a perfect gift for those who are into tea and those who love to have their favorite tea during the day.


  • Tea Leaves

Brew Guide

  • Prepare 180ml Water
  • Boil: 90 °C to 95 °C
  • Add Tea: 2.5gm / 1Tsp
  • Condiments: Lemon/Honey
  • Brew for 3 - 4 Min Serve: Hot

Additional Info

  • Recommended:    With Water
  • Aroma: Sweet, Floral, and Creamy
  • Caffeine: Medium
  • Region:  Nepal
  • Serving: Hot
  • Organic: Yes
  • Appearance:    Light Yellow
  • Tasting Notes: Fresh and Floral with a Creamy Body


  • Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease
  • Encouraging Weight loss
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