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Double Wall Cups (80ml)

Double Wall Cups (80ml)

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This double-wall glass cup is the perfect way to enjoy hot beverages on the go. It is lighter, more durable, and more resistant to temperature changes. The cup is made from high borosilicate glass material, which is not as breakable as traditional glass, and is considered heat resistant. It also features a hydrophobic silicone membrane.

Once inside of this silicone membrane, the outside of the cup becomes hydrophobic, which acts as a barrier that keeps the outside of the cup dry and stops it from absorbing the heat. This double-wall glass cup is perfect for hot beverages on the go.

Double Wall Cups

One Set : 4 x 80ml Double Wall Cups
GlassCapacity: 80ml/2.73oz
Features: Double Wall, Portable, Transparent, Heat Insulated
Height: 7cm/2.76", Perimeter: 6.5cm/2.56" (Approx.)

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