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What is White Tea? What is White Persian Melon Tea?

Tea is naturally the best drink you can have after water, but today tea has various types and flavors, and it's a difficult task to choose the perfect tea that matches your expectations and taste.

Like other teas, white melon tea too has grabbed the attention of tea-lovers. Formerly it was renowned in China but now its admired globally.

Like other teas it too holds benefits but it is slightly light and aromatic than others, like green or black tea. Moreover, if black tea is too bold or green much grassy for you then you should try white tea, because it adds up much sweetness and freshness to your life with its awesome taste and benefits!

  1. How Does it Taste Like?

According to those who have tried this tea, it's light in taste and sweeter than other teas that are out there. So, if you need a light touch before heading out to work or wish to sleep peacefully, try white Persian melon tea. You can even enjoy it iced! The taste is so sweet that you need not buy extra sweets to go with it.

  1. How is White Persian Melon Tea Made?

Like other teas, it's derived from the Camellia Sinesis plant. The leaves of this tea are harvested early, dried and steamed. This protects them against oxidizing and keeps the natural and genuine taste of white Persian melon tea preserved. So, from its preparation to the last step, white Persian melon tea is full of taste and flavor.

  1. Benefits of White Persian Melon Tea:

White Persian melon tea won't just brighten your day and energize you on hot summer days, but it's packed with healthy benefits too! Interestingly, China has used it even for medical purposes, and now the world is acknowledging its benefits too. The benefits of taking this tea are listed below:

  1. Helps in fighting off viruses and bacteria.
  2. Regulates your immune system.
  3. Packed with fluoride that prevents tooth decay and boosts oral health.
  4. Aids in fighting diseases like cancer and high cholesterol.
  5. Protects you from heart diseases.

Cut The Melon (Conclusion XD)

We can safely say that white Persian melon tea has stunning health benefits, let alone the sweet taste. It can boost up your day whether as a relaxation drink from your hectic routine, or before bed for a sound sleep. This tea will solve all your problems!

Since the white melon tea is loved and is in demand, it might be hard to find. But no worries as we're here to serve! You can get white melon tea from us either wholesale or in different packages.

Wanna try white melon tea? place us an order and get a chance to live a healthy life.




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