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Drink Best White Tea; Best White Tea to Buy

Tea is loved and cherished globally. If you’re a tea lover and want to explore more and exciting types of white tea, you’re on the right page! Here, we have multiple teds written on this special tea; Best White Tea…that you might not find anywhere else. 😉

The Story Behind Best White Tea:

Well, white tea is slightly different from other tea but the INTERESTING fact is that it is derived from the same plant as green or black tea. Originally, it started its journey from China in the mountains of Fujian. This tea is the least processed and has white unopened buds, that is why the tea is named WHITE TEA (yes, it isn’t white in actuality)

How Does Our Best White Tea Taste?

Well, white tea is sweet, flavored in taste, and smoky in color. Unlike other teas, you don’t need any sweets with them. While making white tea, be careful with the water’s temperature. Please be sure that you use 3 grams of white tea for the IDEAL taste. Since white tea is harvested three times a year, three different versions of white tea are grown with different taste variants.

Different Variants of Best White Tea:

There are different variants of white tea that you can enjoy, depending upon the harvesting time and the style of the leaves.

  1. Exquisite Morning White Tea
  2. White Blossom
  3. White Bloom Tea
  4. Floral White Elixir Tea

So, there are different variations of white tea you can avail. Some are dense, flavored, some are airy and lighter. So to lift your mood and to satisfy your cravings, you can get multiple tastes of white tea.

How to Make the Best White Tea?

Boil the water accurately and then pour it on the leaves. Unlike green or black tea, you need not add spice or other flavors, as they will ruin the taste. Make it naturally and enjoy it naturally. And unlike Oolong/wo long and other teas, you may need a large quantity of white tea, but the end result will make you really happy and content with your choice.

Benefits of Best White Tea:

White tea is a famous drink, mainly due to its taste and the health benefits that it has. It has many benefits, including:

  1. Being packed with fluoride, which helps with oral health.
  2. Being rich in antioxidants helps in preventing heart diseases and fighting cancer.
  3. In weight loss and with white tea, you can reduce your weight and boost your metabolism.
  4. It also contains anti-aging properties which help your skin to look active, fresh, and young.
  5. Lastly, it enhances your focus and attention span and helps people with diabetes too.

On The Whole:

Concluding, white tea is a famous, healthy, and light drink that you can enjoy at any time. You can buy white tea from us, either indifferent deals or in wholesale. So, you’re just a few steps away from enjoying one of the best drinks that exist in the world!

Spill The Tea:

Tea is a healthy drink, and, worldwide, is the second most consumed beverage, after water. #WhiteTeaTeam

If tea isn’t already part of your weight loss plan in 2021, why not add it today? Let us introduce you to some incredible options.

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