Ayush Kada

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Ayurveda's renowned herbal remedy for respiratory benefits, Ayush kaada tea is a traditional brew that is well known for its health benefits. It is a powerful immune booster that strengthens your body to get rid of seasonal infections. The ingredients of this blend help to stimulate the immune system, increase the circulation of blood, and boost the production of white blood cells to help fight infections. Made with Tulsi, Ginger, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Cloves and Honey, this blend tea can give you the strength to fight of the viral infections.


  • Tulsi, Ginger, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Cloves

Brew Guide

  • Prepare 180ml Water
  • Boil: 90°C to 95°C
  • Add Tea: 2.5gm / 1Tsp
  • Condiments: Lemon/Honey
  • Brew for 3 - 4 Min Serve: Hot

    Additional Info

    • Recommended:  With Water
    • Aroma: Strong Spicy
    • Caffeine: Low
    • Serving: Hot
    • Tasting Notes: Sweet and Floral


    • Helps in Cold, Cough, and Seasonal Infections
    • Supports Immunity
    • Enhances Digestion and Metabolism

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