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What Makes Quality White Tea?

There is no doubt that tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world, of course just behind water. But there isn’t just any one single type of tea. Green, black, dark, white. Tea comes in all colors and flavors, and one of them is white tea. Also known as white Persian melon tea.

But What Exactly is White Persian Melon Tea?

The vast majority of this tea comes from the plant called camellia sinensis. It is usually harvested early so as to keep the freshness of its buds within. The leaves at this stage (of early harvests) haven’t opened yet, and as they are closed, they retain the buds. These same buds within are later used to make white tea. Less processing is needed in this tea than others.

And How Does White Persian Melon Tea Taste Like?

Well, for that we can compare it to other teas. Black tea is usually very strong. Green tea seems to be very grassy. These are the reasons why these two aren’t a cup of tea for everyone ;). In contrast to them, white tea is very sweet. It does not really require sugar or artificial sweeteners. The natural sweetness that is within is way better than artificial sugar or sweeteners.

A trick to retaining its fruity flavor is to boil it, but to keep the temperature of the water below the boiling point. This will guarantee that the melon-y flavor is retained.

And How Do You Serve White Persian Melon Tea?

Taking the vessel where you made the tea and then just dumping it over the ice isn’t really the move. That will make the flavor of the melon really weak. What you should do is to let that vessel cool off, so the flavors remain strong.

 But How Do You Make It of Quality That Everyone Would Love?

The answer to this is very simple. Once you’re done with plucking all the leaves, dry them. After that you’ll have to steam then. OR—You can ask us to send you quality white Persian melon tea in just a single click.  

(Anyway, back to the topic)

This process, especially of steaming, ensures that oxidization of antioxidants does not happen. Antioxidants that are within the leaves thus remain inside. This can be easily called the recipe for making world-class white Persian melon tea. If this trick is used properly, it can easily become everyone’s favorite healthy and exotic tea!

Another aspect of having such an awesome tea is that it has Glisodin. This is a very awesome antioxidant that destroys harmful elements and dangerous radicals that might be running around free in one’s body.

Last Question, Where Exactly Can We Get This Tea From?

Well, it’s true that white melon tea’s a bit hard to come-by and rare. So, you can just contact us and buy it either in bulk, or any way you want. We would be very glad to serve you!

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