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Fresh, floral and full of flavor: Why Jasmine tea good for you?

Scented aromas, subtle-sweet taste and a kick of freshness-this is what you experience while having the first sip of Jasmine tea.

Originating from China’s Sung Dynasty, it’s very well-liked and popular among the Chinese people and now the world. This tea is the perfect blend of blooming jasmine petals and aromatic tea extracts. The finest jasmine tea comes from the Fujian Province in China because it has the largest production of fragrant jasmine flowers and the greatest tea leaves.

The making of jasmine tea involves jasmine flowers and tea leaves to go through an ancient process. However, the increasing demand for the famous blended tea made with fresh jasmines has advanced the process of production.

Budding and Blooming, yellow and white Jasmine flowers are picked during the morning, when rays of sunshine fall upon the flowers and closed petals sparkle like shiny pearls. The flowers are then kept for cooling process until nightfall. The scenting process begins at night when the tightly-closed petals open and release their smell. Dry tea leaves are then blended and mixed with jasmine petals. This method is repeated many a times for top grades.

But what really makes the Jasmine Tea so special? Why Jasmine Tea is good for you?

Jasmine tea has grown to be very popular among many people, jasmine’s perfumed aroma and delicate flavor is desired by both Asian and western people. Having the first sip of your jasmine tea is like taking a quick trip to a blooming summer garden, with pleasing floral scents and a breath of fresh air.

Here are some unique facts about Jasmine tea which makes it more interesting and fun to drink:

  • The might of mystical powers– One of the reasons that jasmine tea became so popular yet fascinating is that there’s a common belief about jasmine tea possessing special spiritual powers. It has wonderful healing properties for mind, body and spirit. Thus, a favorite for tea ceremonies. Interesting! No? Who wouldn’t like exploring the hidden spiritual qualities inside him?
  • Numerous Health Benefits– Looking for the best green tea for weight loss? A drink for anti-inflammation? Or may be a Metabolism booster? You’ve got it all. Jasmine Tea is known to have plentiful health benefits. It is an incredibly healthy tea for your physical and mental well-being.
  • Choosing the base of your choice– Yes, you read it right! You can add the base of your choice to mix it with your favourite Jasmine Tea - whether green, black, oolong or white tea. Mostly, jasmine tea is made with green tea, but it is possible to find other varieties that suits your taste buds.

Now that you’re already craving for a refreshing Jasmine Tea , you’d want to pair it with the base of your choice. Are you confused to choose your favourite mix? Let’s end the confusion of choosing your tea base. Here are the choices you’ll find to pair the jasmine tea with other tea bases:

  • Jasmine Green Tea – invigorating and freshening, healthy and wholesome; Jasmine Green Tea is one of the healthiest ways to drink jasmine tea. Mixed together, it gives a very natural and light flavor with the plant taste of green tea complemented by the sweet and fragrant jasmine blossoms. If you’re stressed, feeling low, or having a less productive day? Have a cup of jasmine green tea and your boring, dull day will turn into a super-fun, productive and surely a happy one.
  • Oolong Jasmine Tea – tired of drinking the regular, boring teas? It’s time to try oolong jasmine tea. Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea, when mixed with jasmine tea, it becomes the perfect drink for you. Oolong teas are semi-fermented as fermentation stops when the leaves are 30% red and 70% green. Oolong jasmine teas are smooth with the fruity taste that is common in oolong tea. However, the jasmine also makes the tea fragrant and sweet.
  • White Jasmine Tea – The combination of light and sweet white tea with fragrant jasmine makes for a very delicate flavor. Because white tea, like green tea, is unfermented, you’ll gain the same health benefits from drinking white tea that green tea provides.
  • Black Jasmine Tea – While black tea is the most common variety of tea consumed in the Western world, it is least commonly combined with jasmine. The taste of jasmine is not as prominent as in the other teas. However, we always have room for trying some new, strong immune-boosting drinks. Don’t we?

Regardless of the option you choose, the fresh and floral flavor of jasmine tea jasmine has a lot to offer, it is very good for you.

So, keep calm, hang loose and relax while you take a short trip to heaven by sipping on your piping hot cup of Jasmine Tea .

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