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India’s White Teas Compared to Ceylon’s White Teas

Indian White Tea:

Indian white tea is grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal province. The area is known for its high-altitude scenic greenery that looks absolutely stunning. Combine these views with the tea farms and it gets even better! Some 67000 people in total work here when the plucking season comes, and it's exported all over the world.  

  • The Taste:

This is without a doubt a very artisanal tea and has some flower-like flavors to it, whether black or white. The white one is much sweeter though. The probable reasons for this are the terrain, greenery and different growing techniques that are employed.

  • All About the Indian White Tea:

It is definitely sweet, but only slightly more than most black teas. As it is very rare, whatever is grown of it is automatically exotic, due to a limited supply. It does retain some of its acidic nature. If other whites feel tasteless to you, white Darjeeling tea/Indian white tea is what you should definitely do.

It's rather less compact, which means that more of the leaf is needed in every single cup. And since it is rare anyway, a pitcher full of white Darjeeling tea is an exotic delight to be enjoyed with friends and family alike.

Ceylon White Tea:

Ceylon is the British colonial’s name for Sri Lanka. And is one of the biggest tea-producing nations.  The temperate climate is very suited to producing tea in thousands of pounds. A fifth of all tea consumed globally is from here. White Ceylon tea, which is very famous, is also grown here.

It is grown in the highlands and dies to the atmosphere and can be grown year-round, in the Nuwara Eliya area. Mild and has a lot of unique flavors to it. It can be distinguished easily from other teas like the Indian white tea.

The color can go from being yellow-gold to copper-like. Pine and honey tastes are what you can expect here in the flavor department.

  • Rarity:

The federal government ensures that people growing the white tea in Sri Lanka have a stable career, and that is why the prices are kept that high. But the prices guarantee that only the white tea of the highest quality will be sold all over the world. These are the motives that make it one of the most expensive teas ever produced.

But Where Do We Buy These White Teas From?

These teas are without a doubt very hard to come across because of their high prices, coupled with their rarity. So, if you want to try some exotic Indian or Ceylonese white tea, you can contact us, and we would be very happy to fulfill any white-tea related needs of yours. 

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