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Green Tea Is Good for Pregnant, Stomach, Weight loss?

Tea is unarguably the most loved beverage in the world. It is tough to find a person who wouldn't love tea.

However, it'll be an interesting contest to find such people, just saying. Nevertheless, this article is all about comparing tea from two different nations, their distinct properties, and how their taste have changed the ideas and thoughts of the world. As it is said, water is necessary for survival, and tea makes your survival healthy and active.

The Tea of Sri Lanka:

Asian countries are famous for generating various kinds of tea. Around the globe, tea from Asian countries is loved and cherished. One of the famous teas produced in Srilanka is Ceylon tea. It is obtained by using different leaves such as green, white, or black. The leaves of Ceylon green tea have origin from the plant called Camellia Sinensis plant. Moreover, Ceylon green in Sri Lanka has seven different sources.

  • Kandy district, found in the ancient district of Sri Lanka, tea is strong, fruity, and intense.
  • Nuwara Eliya, another district covered in mountains and produces dainty green tea.
  • Uda Pussellawa, the muddy and foggy area, results in the pinkish tea encased in rose fragrance.
  • Uva Province that remains housed with winds or monsoon manages to produce pungent tea with a soft taste.
  • Dimbula district is a district that has cloudy and misty weather and it results in the production of refreshing and cordial tea.
  • Sabaragamuva has rich and large valleys that deliver smooth and soft tea.
  • Ruhuna is the southern province that yields unique and low-grown tea.

So, Ceylon tea offers you various types of tea, covered in different flavors and health benefits:

Teas of India:

India is recognized for having various types of tea and one of them is black tea, produced in the Assam province.

Assamese tea is made from the Camellia plant and has different manufacturing processes which give rise to distinct tastes. You can further divide Assamese tea into orthodox and CTC tea. Orthodox tea is made using the conventional method and CTC (crush, tea, curl) is produced by cylindrical rollers which turn a leaf into small grains.

Darjeeling tea is fascinating that is produced in India and is exported around the globe. It is made from Camellia plants and has four flushes throughout the years. Leaves of this tea can be processed in diverse ways which yield black, white, or green tea. Furthermore, researches have shown that this tea is a quick way to reduces stress and gives hydration to the body.

Spill The Tea:

Concluding, tea from such nations may be rare to find, but you can find such amazing and fascinating teas on our website. So, as a tea lover, give a go to such unique and uncommon tea flavors.

Moreover, if you are in awe in search of wholesale tea or wu long tea, we welcome you and are here to serve you well.


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