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Green Tea Is More Than a Hydrating Beverage; Disadvantages of Green Tea?

Drinking tea has very few disadvantages and it might sound only a healthy or weight-losing option for you, but ever thought drinking tea might count as a special occasion? Or some rituals in a different state of the world? If you are from China or Japan, you might know what I'm talking about, but if you are from a different country, let me tell you a very interesting fact, that in China and Japan, people do celebrate tea on special occasions or at weddings. YAAS! IKR.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy tea without any ritual as well, as we've got plenty of options to consider. We do care for our customers and offer different yet flavoured and amazing tea. You can get white, green, black, and any sort of tea from us, that too from any region of the world. Now I'm hoping you wouldn't want to go to China or Japan ;)

Β What Actually Japanese Culture is About Tea?

Well, to be precise they celebrate tea ceremonies to promote solicitude, cheerfulness, and well-being. Usually, this ceremony takes place in a separate room, known as the tea room, and the host prepares sweets and green tea, knows as Matcha. Guests and hosts usually exchange seasonal topics during the tea ceremony, but they both observe silence during the preparation of the tea which shows the meditational activity.

The hosts serve tea to the guests and do not drink it themselves because everything the host does is for the happiness of the guests, which in a result advertises the relationship of the host and the guests.

There are two types of green tea ceremonies in Japan, known as Chakai and Chaji. Chakai lasts for 45 minutes and Chaji for 4 hours. So, the purpose is to enhance love and happiness among the two families and to gain inner peace by sponsoring green tea.

Green tea and Chinese weddings:

As we know the well Chinese obsession for tea, it's not a big surprise that they celebrate tea as a ritual too. In Chinese weddings, green tea considers an important and necessary part of weddings. The bride and groom serve the green tea to their loved ones, like parents, uncles, aunts, and close relatives.

It symbolizes unity and harmony among the two families. Moreover, when a bride bows down and serves green tea to her in-laws, they consider the bride as loyal and obedient addition to the family. The in-laws accept the bride and wish her prayers and love for her new innings.

Moreover, when the groom serves tea, it shows gratitude and thankfulness, with the message of devotion and kindness for the future. So, green tea can be celebrated as an occasion too.

However green tea is so versatile that you can avail it for health and beneficial purposes too. Like a combination, getting health and weight loss together.

Disadvantages Of Green Tea:

As we said, green tea is a powerhouse but consuming it empty stomach can cause you major stomach problem; acidity, vomiting, bloating or epigastric pain.

Spill The Green Tea XD

We can say that tea is not only a drink but a way to connect people and cherishing moments. It is celebrated, enjoyed, and appreciated over the globe. Unlike Oolong tea and other green tea is part of many occasions. You can get other alternatives to green tea as a wholesale tea or in different packages from us, on the go.

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