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What are the different Types of White Tea?

The different types of White tea have originated in China but are now gaining prevalence in the Western world too. Asian people loved and cherished white melon tea, and now the west is acknowledging its delicate and pure taste. The white tea combined with melon provides the best possible taste for your taste buds. Moreover, it is good for your well-being and keeps you active and fit!

Enough towing with the introduction, let's talk about the different variants of white melon tea. It is usually harvested once a year unlike  green or black tea, which is why it is pricey and rare.

Nevertheless, different leaves and bud styles of picking give rise to various types of white melon tea. There is no official standard of cultivating it, but the buds’ or leaves’ style can tell you about the best variant of white melon tea. The modern cultivators of white tea include:

    1. Doke Silver needle
    2. White Peony
    3. Avongrove Imperial Tea
    4. Chabessey Silver Needle White Tea
    5. Rohini White
    6. Giddapahar White Tea
    7. Fujian new craft

    So, within these grades, white tea is divided into different variants based on the time, plucking technique, and buds’ style. Moreover, the pluckers make sure the leaves or buds remain safe, protecting the taste and color of the white tea.

    • Silver Needle White Tea:

    Silver needle tea is the most elite and popular one. It is pricy but comes with the sweetest and delicate taste. It's golden in color and made up of unopened buds only. If you want to enjoy the fittest version of white melon tea, choose silver needle tea. The buds are silver in color and have silver hair on top, which is why it's named “silver needle tea”.

    • Avongrove Imperial Tea

    An exclusive batch of organic white tea from Avongrove, Darjeeling boasts its distinct sweet and floral flavor. One of the best white teas from Darjeeling with a great aftertaste.

    • White Peony:

    It is counted as the second-highest grade and has fewer buds and more leaves. It is dark and dense in color and taste because the leaves have gone through slight oxidization.

    • Tribute Eyebrow White Tea:

    It gives a dense yellow color and delicate buds. The quality of this white tea is great and is cheaper than a silver needle or white peony.

    • Chabessey Silver Needle White Tea

    Chabessey Silver Needle White Tea is one of our prized white teas crafted from the finest tea leaves from Nepal’s high-altitude region, Chabessey. Being one of the least processed teas, this flowery-smelling tea is rich in antioxidants and produces a sweet and mellow cup.

    • Long-life Eyebrow:

    It is some low-quality tea as the leftovers from the other white teas are used to make it. This tea is quite dense and has the strongest taste because of its oxidizing qualities.

    • Fujian New Craft White Tea:

    It is the most recent form of white melon Persian tea, generally famous in China. It is much stronger and dense than the other types of white tea.

    So, these are the different variants of the white melon tea that you can enjoy.

    On The Whole:

    White melon tea is the sweetest and flavored tea that you will ever drink. Since it is a famous drink, the quality may get bad if you choose any unpopular site to order your white tea. Choose a trustworthy brand if you want to order white tea online.

    Nevertheless, we are here to serve you well. You can order any sort of tea from here ranging from Oolong/wo long to white tea. You can also get tea on a wholesale budget from us.

    Spill The Tea:

    Tea is a healthy drink, and, worldwide, is the second most consumed beverage, after water.

    If tea isn’t already part of your weight loss plan in 2022, why not add it today? Let us introduce you to some incredible options.

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