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5 Siblings of Magic Herbal Green Tea

How magic herbal green tea becomes "green" and black tea becomes "black" is ultimately determined by the tea plant variety and how the tea leaves are treated. White tea is made from the same Camellia Sinensis plant as green tea, but the leaves are plucked at a much younger age. The first bloom of the tea plant is used to make white tea, while the following two leaves are used to make green tea.

Origin of Green tea

Green tea, on the other hand, is said to have originated in China. Even today, the word "tea" in China is supposed to relate solely to green tea, rather than the entire tea category as it is in the West. The Camellia sinensis plant species is said to have originated in China's Yunnan province. Yunnan is home to 260 of the world's 380+ tea varietals.

Shennong, Emperor of China and alleged founder of Chinese medicine, is said to have discovered tea as a beverage about 2737 BC when fresh tea leaves from a nearby tea tree fell into his cup of recently boiled water, according to tradition.

Story Time

Green tea has been popular in Japan since about 1190 when a Zen priest returned to Japan with tea plant seeds and bushes after visiting and learning at China's famous Buddhist monasteries and temples. Eisai, a young Buddhist priest, utilized his experience producing and drinking tea in China to promote tea as a meditation ritual among his Buddhist monks, eventually spreading the practice throughout Japan. To this day, China and Japan are the world's top two green tea producers and exporters.

Many people claim to dislike green tea, yet they are most likely consuming green teas that do not fit their preferences. Most individuals can locate green teas they enjoy with a few recommendations and taste tests. Look through the many varieties of green teas listed below to select the best green teas for your tastes.

Jasmine green tea

Along with Earl Grey tea, is one of the most popular flavored teas in the world. Cheap Jasmine green teas (such as those served in some restaurants) are frequently prepared with low-grade teas and artificial additives, and perfume-like. Jasmine green teas of good quality are produced with high-grade tea leaves that have been organically perfumed with jasmine blossoms. They have a delectably sweet, flowery flavor that many people enjoy.

Tea Picker Blend Green Tea

Tea Picker Blend is our in-house blended green tea prepared with a lot of permutation and combination in the laboratory. Past experiences and keeping in mind the specific requirement of customers this blend is prepared for regular green tea drinkers. Its perfect mixture for blend makes this tea a unique blend of green tea.

Chabessey Green Delight Tea

Collected from the high-altitude farms of Nepal. It makes a strong-green-colored liquid with a wild leafy aroma. Green tea is proof of Nature’s love for mankind. The bitter-sweet taste and charming fragrance of this tea freshen up your body and mind instantly. Taking two cups of this green tea per day can keep a number of diseases at bay!

Use hotter water for a richer rice taste (just below boiling). Use colder water for a more subtle tea and rice taste (around 170 F).

Selim Hill Green Organic Tea

This whole leaf Green Tea has been selected from the Selim Hill Tea Estate in Darjeeling. It has a floral palate with a great aftertaste and a deep character.

Prepare green tea with water that is just below boiling and steep it for two to three minutes at most for the most pleasing effects.

Jogijhora Green Tea

Jogijhora Green Tea Flavor is delightfully mellow green from the Dooars region of India tastes like spring sunshine in a cup. This product is been used worldwide wild for its mildly sweet flavor and the other health benefits from green tea.The brew is a clear, pale yellow, and the first sip delivers a subtle orchestration of honeysuckle and vegetal notes with a lightly sweet finish. A perfect complement to strawberries or raspberries

Spill The Tea:

Tea is a healthy drink, and, worldwide, is the second most consumed beverage, after water.

If tea isn’t already part of your weight loss plan in 2022, why not add it today? Let us introduce you to some incredible options.

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